Royal Engineers put students through their paces

A team from the Royal Engineers Corps put Hugh Baird College uniformed services students through their paces when they visited the College recently.

The session was arranged by lecturers from the Connect to Military Preparation and the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Public Services courses and around thirty students attended. They found out about the diverse range of careers possible in the Royal Engineers, including logistics specialists, electricians, plumbers and equipment mechanics. Following the presentation, they were split into groups to take part in team building and field exercises. They tried their hand at the techniques for searching for landmines using metal detectors and used their problem solving and teamwork skills to move a barrel across a circle without touching it.

One of the students taking part was Vicky Parks. Vicky has already passed the initial stage assessment for the Army ready for when she completes her course. She said:

“Today has helped with my career choice because I’ve found out about the different pathways once you are in the forces. I didn’t realise there were so many different careers and I’m interested in the logistics side now. I enjoyed trying the metal detectors too because I’d never used them before.”

Oscar Cheng and Joe Walters agreed with Vicky saying:

“We were surprised at the variety of jobs in the Royal Engineers and it’s good that you’re learning a trade for the future so that you come out of the forces with career skills.”

Lecturer in Public Services, Conrad Ainsley said:

“It is always good to bring representatives from the armed forces and public services into College because it gives the students an insight into the types of career opportunities they have. The students enjoyed the activities they did with the Royal Engineers and, at the same time, were learning how to improve their teamwork and communication skills – valuable attributes to add to their CV.”

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