Students get exclusive look at McLaren supercar

Hugh Baird College students and staff heard from one of the world’s most loved and iconic British automotive brands, McLaren, this week when their Operation’s Director, Alan Foster visited the College.

Mr Foster brought along with him a shining example of McLaren engineering the 50th edition MP4-12C in their classic orange livery. Both students and staff turned out for the presentation to learn about the innovative design and technologies which have made McLaren one of the most versatile and potent supercars on the road. They were then able to take a closer look, and listen, as the engine purred outside the College’s L20 Building.

Many of the students who attended the session are studying towards Engineering and Motor Vehicle Technology qualifications, so being able to see the supercar close up and learn about the aerodynamic expertise required to create it, was awe inspiring for them.

One Engineering student, Tanatsiwa Moyo, said:

“It’s amazing to have the opportunity to get this close to a McLaren. It’s something I never thought I would have the chance to do and today I’ve even been able to sit in the driver’s seat. McLaren’s visit has opened our eyes to the whole range of specialist skills that go in to making a supercar like this, not just engineers but designers, mechanics and aerodynamic experts. It’s shown me that there are loads of careers my course could start me on the road to. Why shouldn’t it be me in the Formula 1 pit lanes in a few years’ time!”

Mr Foster ended his presentation with a question and answer session and the students were keen to quiz him about all things automotive. Afterwards, he said:

“I consider myself to have the best job in the world, every day I am full of excitement and anticipation at the challenges I face. One key quote from Bruce McLaren resonates perfectly with me, and that is “The luck thing, really there is no such thing a good luck, just great preparation and hard work”. That quote stands for me perfectly and describes that everyone has the potential to succeed if they are prepared to apply and challenge themselves. Talking to young students really invigorates me as they have so much energy”.

The name McLaren is legendary and instantly recognisable as one of the most loved and prestigious brands in the automotive industry. Perfection, passion and prestige are just some of the words associated with these road and racing cars that still bear the name of Bruce McLaren.

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