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International home furnishing retailer IKEA works closely with the programme team for the Visual Merchandising and Promotional Design courses, which are approved by UCLan.

In recent years, we’ve employed two graduates from the Hugh Baird University Centre, Emma Livesey and Sharon Hay. Both have been fantastic examples of employability and are already proving themselves within IKEA. Emma is currently on an international project in Japan which, for someone only in the business two years, goes to show how prepared she was for the position. In today’s competitive jobs market, anything that makes a candidate stand out from the crowd at interview is invaluable and the experience the undergraduates gain on the degree course here definitely adds to that employability. Determination is also a key factor; both Emma and Sharon displayed great motivation and drive and knew exactly what they wanted from their career when they left university.

Elliot Higgins, Communication and Interior Design Manager at IKEA Group.

The festivals industry is thriving and there has never been a better time to enter the sector. I am delighted to support the Hugh Baird University Centre, working collaboratively with UCLan, in training the next generation of skilled festival managers.

Scott Barton, Managing Director, Creamfields.

Our City Region’s Visitor Economy goes from strength to strength. 56 million visitors are attracted each year and they spend £3.4bn in the local economy which supports 46,000 jobs. Opportunities abound for those with the right aptitude and attitude for a career in the hospitality industry. I was delighted to welcome the L20 Hotel School as a provider of excellent hospitality training benefitting from great new facilities and a strong leadership team who will inspire the next generation of chefs and restaurant staff. It’s wonderful to see that the aspirations of the young people joining the L20 Hotel School are being further raised by the expanding higher education provision at the Hugh Baird University Centre, offering routes to even more career opportunities in the hospitality sector and beyond. The new provision directly addresses some of the challenges and skills gaps highlighted in the Visitor Economy Skills for Growth Agreement such as chefing skills, customer service and promoting tourism as a first choice career.

Pam Wilsher, Head of Visitor Economy Development Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership.

We’ve really enjoyed working with the students to come up with creative ideas to transform our shop window. All the undergraduates’ designs were incredible, they were so well researched and thought-through, using very simple methods to remember those who fought in the First World War.

Karen O’Connor, Head of Retail at National Museums Liverpool.

Working in Partnership with the Hugh Baird University Centre has always been mutually beneficial and enriching. We’ve had several good students on placement and all of them have been well prepared and up for the challenges that our work throws at them. Support from the Hugh Baird University Centre for both students in placement and businesses providing places is solid without being stifling to enable the uptake of a variety of learning chances. It was very rewarding to be recently invited to work with a group of students at the main campus. We look forward to a continued link with the Hugh Baird University Centre.

Stan Afflick, General Manager, Active8 Support Services.

I’d heard about the Foundation Degree course in Visual Merchandising and Promotional Design at the Hugh Baird University Centre and decided to ask its course leader, Colette Mawdsley, if her students might be willing to get involved with the project. Hugh Baird is one of only three Universities in the country currently offering the Visual Merchandising and Promotional Design course, so we are delighted to have students from it getting involved in Ten Shades of Green. It’s a very exciting project and a nice example of partnership working between the shopping centre, my department and the University Centre. It will also be a valuable piece of practical work which will look good on the students’ CVs.

Lynn Struve, Eco Schools Officer, Wirral Borough Council.

Prospice 21 has received an invaluable service from both Faculty and Students over the past 18 months. Students were responsible for the proof of concept of our Docklands Trail project which is now being exhibited in the Liverpool Maritime Museum and we are looking forward to working with the college for many years to come.

Frank Mahon, Communications Director, Prospice 21.

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Chartered Management Institute Award, Certificate and Diploma in Management and Leadership
Business (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Business & Management - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Business Administration - BA (Hons) Top up
Childcare, Childhood & Adolescence Studies
Children, Young People and their Services - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Education and Professional Studies - BA (Hons) Top up
Computing - FdSc
Computing - BSc (Hons) Top up
BSc (Hons) Computer Studies (Foundation Year)
Contemporary Media Practice
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Contemporary Media Practice - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Contemporary Media Practice - BA (Hons) Top up
Creative Make Up Design and Practice
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Creative Make Up Design and Practice - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Design for Commercial Interiors
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Design for Commercial Interiors - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Design for Commercial Interiors - BA (Hons) Top up
Digital Imaging and Photography
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Digital Imaging and Photography - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Digital Imaging and Photography - BA (Hons) Top up
BEng (Hons) Engineering (Foundation Entry)
FdEng Engineering (Advanced Manufacturing)
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (Foundation Year)
BSc (Hons) Computer Studies (Foundation Year)
BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Foundation Year)
Fashion and Textiles
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Fashion and Textiles - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Fashion and Textiles - BA (Hons) Top up
Festival Management
Festival Management - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Festival Management - BA (Hons) Top up
Foundation Entry
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
BEng (Hons) Engineering (Foundation Entry)
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (Foundation Year)
BSc (Hons) Computer Studies (Foundation Year)
BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Foundation Year)
Graphic Arts
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Graphic Arts - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Graphic Arts - BA (Hons) Top up
Health & Social Care
Health & Social Care - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Dementia and Assisted Living in Health and Social Care - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Mental Health and Wellbeing - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Health and Social Care - BSc (Hons) Top up
Hospitality in the Visitor Economy - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Outdoor Adventure Studies
Outdoor Adventure Studies - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Teaching & Education
Certificate in Education and Training, Preparatory
Certificate in Education / PGCE (Education and Training)
PGCE Mathematics: Numeracy
Certificate in Education and PGCE (Mathematics: Numeracy)
Advanced Certificate in Teaching Mathematics: Numeracy
Level 5 Diploma in Teaching English: Literacy
Visual Merchandising & Promotional Design
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Visual Merchandising and Promotional Design - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Visual Merchandising & Promotional Design - BA (Hons) Top up
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