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We have a dedicated team of staff on hand to help guide you through the admissions process, from selecting the right course for you, to completing your UCAS application and applying for financial support.

If you’re not sure about your options, or need more information before making your decision, contact us first. You can either call us on 0151 353 4444 or request a call back using the form below.

Full time

All full time undergraduate applications must be made through UCAS →

If you need help with your UCAS application, call us on 0151 353 4444 or request a call back below.

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Part time

You can apply to study our University courses on a part time basis via our online application form →

Your application

Students applying for full time university level courses must use the UCAS online application system at www.ucas.ac.uk.

The date that your application needs to arrive with UCAS depends on your university and course choices, so you will need to check the application deadlines on the UCAS website to ensure you apply before the deadline date. Note: If you miss the deadline date, don’t despair, contact us immediately and we’ll advise on your next step.

Once you register on the UCAS site, keep a note of your login and password.

To apply, you will need our Institution Code: H65, along with the UCAS Code for your chosen course - you can find this on the relevant course page on this website.

Your completed application is then sent from UCAS to the universities and colleges you have chosen. If you need help with the application process, get in touch.

Using UCAS Apply

What happens next

When we receive your application from UCAS, we will write to you to invite you to attend an interview. After considering your application and interview, we will contact UCAS with our decision.

UCAS have an online tracking system, called Track, which will regularly be updated throughout the application process. Keep checking this and make sure you reply to the offers you receive. You should also receive a letter from both UCAS and ourselves with confirmation of any offer made.

What to do next

If you are accepted, UCAS will send you a letter of confirmation. If your grades are higher or lower than expected, or if you change your mind, there are other options available. Check Track and look for course vacancies on the UCAS website to find an alternative place, or come and talk to us.

UCAS receive some exam results and send them to the universities and colleges. For others, you may need to send your results to your chosen universities yourself.

And finally...

You need to make sure you have everything ready, such as accommodation, finances, travel arrangements, books and equipment required for the course. If in doubt about any of these things, contact us for help.

Important dates

2017 entry
UCAS Undergraduate Apply opens for 2017 entry on 24th May 2016. You can start your application then, but completed applications cannot be submitted to us until the 6th September 2016.

Don't forget
The date by which your application needs to arrive with UCAS varies depending on your university and course choices, so check the application deadline on the UCAS website to ensure you apply in time.

If you miss the deadline, don't despair, contact us immediately for advice on what to do next.

Access to Higher Education
Business and Management
Chartered Management Institute Award, Certificate and Diploma in Management and Leadership
Business (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Business & Management - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Business Administration - BA (Hons) Top up
Children, Young People and Education Studies
Children, Young People and their Services - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Education and Professional Studies - BA (Hons) Top up
Computing - FdSc
Computing - BSc (Hons) Top up
BSc (Hons) Computer Studies (Foundation Year)
Contemporary Media Practice
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Contemporary Media Practice - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Contemporary Media Practice - BA (Hons) Top up
Creative Make Up Design and Practice
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Creative Make Up Design and Practice - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Design for Commercial Interiors
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Design for Commercial Interiors - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Design for Commercial Interiors - BA (Hons) Top up
Digital Imaging and Photography
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Digital Imaging and Photography - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Digital Imaging and Photography - BA (Hons) Top up
BEng (Hons) Engineering (Foundation Entry)
FdEng Engineering (Advanced Manufacturing)
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (Foundation Year)
BSc (Hons) Computer Studies (Foundation Year)
BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Foundation Year)
Fashion and Textiles
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Fashion and Textiles - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Fashion and Textiles - BA (Hons) Top up
Festival Management
Festival Management - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Festival Management - BA (Hons) Top up
Foundation Entry
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
BEng (Hons) Engineering (Foundation Entry)
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (Foundation Year)
BSc (Hons) Computer Studies (Foundation Year)
BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Foundation Year)
BSc (Hons) Health & Social Care (Foundation Entry)
Business (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Graphic Arts
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Graphic Arts - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Graphic Arts - BA (Hons) Top up
Health & Social Care
BSc (Hons) Health & Social Care (Foundation Entry)
Health & Social Care - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Dementia and Assisted Living in Health and Social Care - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Mental Health and Wellbeing - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Health and Social Care - BSc (Hons) Top up
Hospitality in the Visitor Economy - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Outdoor Adventure Studies
Outdoor Adventure Studies - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Outdoor Leadership - BA (Hons) Top up
Teaching & Education
Certificate in Education and Training, Preparatory
Certificate in Education / PGCE (Education and Training)
PGCE Mathematics: Numeracy
Certificate in Education and PGCE (Mathematics: Numeracy)
Advanced Certificate in Teaching Mathematics: Numeracy
Level 5 Diploma in Teaching English: Literacy
Visual Merchandising & Promotional Design
Design (Foundation Entry) - BA (Hons)
Visual Merchandising and Promotional Design - Foundation Degree (FdA)
Visual Merchandising & Promotional Design - BA (Hons) Top up
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