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Financial Support for University Courses

We want to make your university education as flexible and affordable as possible. That’s why our fees are lower than those of universities. We also offer a number of financial support options to help you go further by staying local.

With our high quality courses, in state of the art facilities, we offer a cost-effective alternative to travelling to university. At the Hugh Baird University Centre, you can achieve your University qualification on your doorstep without the additional expense and upheaval of finding accommodation elsewhere.

The Hugh Baird University Centre Bursary Gift

The College is committed to helping all students within their first year of study to purchase course related equipment as well as help towards the cost of international trips.

The College will allocate a HBUC Bursary Gift up to £500 for all new first year full time Foundation Degree students. The HBUC Bursary Gift will be linked to student attendance, punctuality and achievement.

Degree Level Bursary Package
Foundation Degree 4 Up to £500 first year of study only

Terms and conditions apply. Click here to read the terms and conditions.

Bursaries for Maths Graduates

The training bursary is a financial incentive to attract and retain new high quality graduates to become teachers in the Further Education (FE) sector. Bursary levels will vary according to the degree classification held by the trainee.

Find out more.

Tuition Fee Loans

You don’t need cash to enrol on a course. Tuition fee loans cover university or college tuition fees and are paid direct to the university or college, by Student Finance England. They are available to all eligible students regardless of household income. The amount you pay back is dependent on how much you earn and not how much you owe and you won’t need to start paying them back until you are earning more than £21,000 per year. The chart below gives examples of the repayments. After thirty years, outstanding loan amounts are written off. Student Loans will also help to support your living costs.

For more information, visit www.gov.uk/student-finance.

Loan Repayments

You must pay back tuition fee loans and maintenance loans. You also pay interest on these. You don’t have to pay back other student finance, e.g grants and bursaries.

  • Your repayments are linked to your income. You only make repayments when your income is over £21,000 a year. Repayments are put on hold if your income drops below £21,000.
  • Part-time students sometimes start making repayments while they’re still studying.
  • Each year you pay back 9% of any income over £21,000.

Maintenance Loans

  • You must be a full-time UK student. Part-time students, EU students and students aged 60 and over can’t apply.
  • You may have to give details of your household income.
  • The loan is paid directly into your bank account at the start of term. You have to pay the loan back.

For up to date figures, please visit www.gov.uk/student-finance/loans-and-grants

Special Support Grant

As well as the Maintenance Loan and Maintenance Grant, students can apply for a Special Support Grant. This is based on household income and does not need to be paid back. Unlike the Maintenance Grant, the Special Support Grant doesn't reduce the amount a student can borrow through the Maintenance Loan. If their household income is £45,000 or less, they will be eligible for the full Maintenance Loan no matter how much Special Support Grant they get. Any money awarded through the Special Support Grant won't be counted as income when working out entitlement to benefits or tax credits.

Who can get Special Support Grant?

  • A lone parent or someone who has a partner who is also a student; one or both of them is responsible for a child or young person under 20 who is in full-time non-advanced education
  • Anyone with a disability who qualifies for the disability premium or severe disability premium
  • Anyone who is D/deaf and qualifies for Disabled Students' Allowances
  • Anyone treated as incapable of work for a continuous period of at least 28 weeks
  • Students from abroad who are entitled to an Income Support Urgent Cases Payment - because they are temporarily without funds for a period of up to six weeks
  • Students waiting to go back to a course, having taken agreed time out from that course due to an illness or caring responsibility that has now ended
  • Anyone aged 60 or older

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs)

These allowances provide extra financial help for disabled students. They are paid on top of standard student finance packages and are not dependent on income, nor do they have to be repaid. You may get DSAs if you have a disability, ongoing health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia.

Other Financial Support

Childcare Support

If you are a full time undergraduate student with childcare needs, you may qualify for a Childcare Grant. You may be eligible if:

  • you are a full time undergraduate student
  • You have at least one dependent child who is under 15 and in registered or approved childcare or have at least one dependent child who is under 17, is registered as having special educational needs, and in registered or approved childcare.

(Note: if you, your husband, wife or partner gets the childcare part of Working Tax Credit, you won’t be able to get a Childcare Grant as well).

The Adult Dependants’ Grant

Full time University students with an adult who depends on them financially can apply for an Adult Dependants’ Grant of up to £2,642. You can apply for this grant on top of any other student finance and you don’t have to pay it back.

Council Tax

Households where everyone is a full time student are exempt from paying Council Tax. If you do get a bill, you can apply for an exemption by visiting www.gov.uk. To count as a full time student, your course must:

  • last at least 1 year
  • Involve at least 21 hours study per week

You will get a Council Tax bill if there is someone in your household who is not a full time student, but your household might still qualify for a discount.

Student Accommodation

Although we don’t have our own halls of residence, we can give you information on the local area and can signpost you to lettings agents and housing associations.

Travel Passes

There are a range of passes available that permit travel across a variety of modes including buses, trains and even ferries if required. To find out about travel concessions for students, visit www.merseytravel.gov.uk/tickets.

Student Breakfast
Every undergraduate at the Hugh Baird University Centre is entitled to a free breakfast of either porridge or toast, with orange juice, in any of the College Refectories between 8am and 8.45am.

For more information

Please contact our Student Services team:

  • Request a prospectus

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