Jaymie Mavimila

Works at children’s service, Embrace

Jaymie completed the Level 3 Health and Social Care qualification at Hugh Baird College and is now making a difference to the lives of young people who attend local children’s Service, Embrace.

Jaymie said:

My course was amazing and so were the tutors. They take time to help you and advise you on what you need to do to achieve the career you want. However, they can only point you in the right direction it’s up to you if you want to walk that way and make the sacrifices you need to in order to succeed. What I also enjoyed about College was making new friends and being treated as an adult.”
I received support from college in the form of help with my travel expenses, this was really useful since I travelled quite a distance in order to attend College.”
Overall, coming to Hugh Baird College has really set me on my path to the future I want. I want to make a difference to people’s lives and without the qualification and the support and confidence I got from Hugh Baird College, I wouldn’t be in the job I’m in now."

Jaymie's advice:

College is an experience of a lifetime, you gain knowledge and skills and at the same time make new friends. It’s the way best way to get the dream job that you want.”