Kieran Morris

Apprentice at Clements & Co Mortgage & Insurance Advisers Ltd

After his GCSEs, Kieran moved on to sixth Form to study A-levels. However, he felt that this wasn’t the right choice for him.

He felt he wanted to move in to the world of work and follow an apprenticeship programme.

The Traineeship programme at Hugh Baird College acted as a pre-apprenticeship programme for Kieran.

It gave him the chance to put himself in front of employers and create a good impression. After his first placement at Clements & Co Mortgage & Insurance Advisers Ltd he was offered a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business Administration with a view to then moving on to be trained as a Mortgage and Finance Advisor.

Kieran said:

For me the Traineeship programme was great. It helped me get the chance to show an employer that I was worth an apprenticeship opportunity. I didn’t spend time searching for employers offering apprenticeships, this was all done by the college. If you’re serious about getting your foot on the career ladder and you really want an apprenticeship, then give Traineeships a go.”