Kirsty Murray

Fitness Coach at Total Fitness

Kirsty completed the Level 2 Sports Development, Coaching and Fitness qualification at Hugh Baird College.

Kirsty said:

I really enjoyed my time at College and made some great friends. The study programme I followed really helped me move on to employment. It did this in a number of ways, obviously the underpinning knowledge gained was essential to working in the gym, but the course was also flexible and enabled me to gain work experience in the fitness sector while completing my studies and looking after my family.”
I really felt part of a friendly and supportive community that was geared towards helping me achieve my personal goals. My classmates were also great as were the staff who were approachable and keen to help me reach my full potential.”
Support was constantly available from course tutors but it was the additional support from my Study Programme Co-ordinator and the College Chaplain who always had tea and biscuits available to help me deal with whatever my daily issues were. It was this extra support outside the classroom that made all the difference to me during my time at college. I can’t thank Hugh Baird College enough.”

Kirsty's advice:

Don’t give up on your goals. Always resist the easy option of giving up or not completing work to the best of your ability. Take as much advice and support from all the staff and eventually you will succeed.”