Liam Cottom

Liam enrolled on the painting and decorating course at Hugh Baird College intending to only do one year. However, he was offered an apprenticeship for level 2 so he stayed. He’s really enjoying being an apprentice with Autism Initiatives...

Liam said:
“Doing an apprenticeship is much better than being in college full time. I’m hoping that I’ll be kept on when the apprenticeship ends but if I had to find another job, I’d be a lot more confident because I’ve been doing the job already. At Autism Initiatives I’m working as part of their maintenance team and we go around to their various sites. It means we’re learning about customer service too because we’re interacting with their residents.”

Sarah Moreton of Autism Initiatives said:
“We have two painting and decorating apprentices at Autism Initiatives, both from Hugh Baird College. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the apprentices when we first employed them because they seemed so young. However, with Sam and Liam, we found quite quickly that they were responsible, polite and hard working. So, we’re able to trust them to give a good impression to our staff and service users and we’re happy to leave them to work unsupervised on occasion.

I feel that one of the benefits of us having apprentices in the maintenance team is that we’re ensuring that the traditional crafts are being preserved. Our mature and experienced staff are mentoring the apprentices, passing on their invaluable knowledge and skills to the next generation who will hopefully become our future workforce.”

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