Meet our Managers

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Yana Williams

Principal & Chief Executive

David Rigby

Vice Principal - Curriculum & Quality

Cath Sullivan

Vice Principal - People, Organisational Development & Culture

Matt Larkin

Vice Principal - Finance & Corporate Services

Pat Farrell

Corporate & Capital Development

Vicky Edwards

Assistant Principal - Work Skills & Business Development

Natalie Blackmore

Assistant Principal - Life Skills & Young People

Colette Mawdsley

Dean of Higher Education & Access

Alun Owen

Director of Curriculum - Young People

Lynn Masterton

Director of Workplace Learning

Paula Royle

Head of Finance

Pam Darnell

Head of Student Experience

Owain Roberts

Head of Marketing & Admissions

Carol Nield

Head of Human Resources

John Billington

Head of Services

Francesca Garner

Head of Learning Resources

Shulah Jones

Head of Business Strategy

Victoria Wickington

Head of Quality

Christine Snape

Head of Thornton College and SLDD

Maria Stevens

Assistant Director