Parents & Carers

We greatly value the contact we have with parents, guardians and carers and we encourage you to take an active part in the decision making process of your son or daughter.

The success of our learners depends largely on their commitment, their attitude to study and their motivation to succeed. We hope you’ll join us in supporting and encouraging them to take their studies seriously, attend regularly, be punctual and hand work in on time.

If your child decides to come to Hugh Baird College you will be invited to a number of Parents’ Evenings throughout the year, so we hope to see you there.

Why choose us?

  1. It's not like school! Our learners get treated as a young independent adult.
  2. We deliver 300 courses to more than 5,000 students from entry level through to level 3, apprenticeships and full degrees.
  3. The personal support we offer our students is outstanding and our learners tell us they like our safe and secure campus, and the friendly multicultural atmosphere. It’s a grown up environment where people treat each other equally and with respect.
  4. We are continually looking to develop our facilities and this year we have opened a new state-of-the-art gym and fitness centre in collaboration with Lifestyle Fitness. The centre is accessible by students and staff as well as being open to members of our local community.
  5. This will complement our newly designed cafes and restaurants and our new L20 Building on Stanley Road which houses our university centre, performance centre, cafe and community library.
  6. More recently, we have launched the L20 Hotel School where the qualifications delivered will fulfil the needs of the Liverpool City Region tourism sector and help provide well trained and job ready students to the city’s growing visitor economy.

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If your son or daughter has a support need or a medical condition, you can contact Learner Support who will be able to provide academic and care support where necessary. Please contact the Additional Support Coordinator on 0151 353 4444 ext 5831 or the Care Team Leader on 0151 353 4444 ext 5883 for more information.

Get in touch

If you’d like more information about the courses we offer, or the routes our qualifications lead to or you’d like to find out how you could be more involved in your son or daughter’s education, please contact our Student Services team: