Rob Green

Concept Artist at Lucid Games Ltd

Rob attended Hugh Baird College and completed the Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design study programme.

He demonstrated flair, talent and commitment and has gone on to secure a role as a Concept Artist at game design company Lucid Games.

Rob said:

My study programme helped me to be more thorough when it came to planning my work and my course of action on any given task I was set. This helped me be more efficient with my time and get my work done much faster which is important as a concept artist. I also built up a body of work which helped me develop many new techniques that I now use on a daily basis such as working in 3D and working in Photoshop to create my designs”.
The social side of College is very similar to that of a real studio environment. College had the perfect atmosphere for creative thinking. This made me very prepared for work life at Lucid Games.”

Rob’s advice:

Push yourself to the limits on every task you are given and don’t do something you are just good at, do something you’re passionate about.”