Student and Parent Views


Michael Lavelle
Next step: Level 3 Health and Social Care at Hugh Baird College
Future career: Social Worker

“Coming to the Hugh Baird 14-16 College is the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I know exactly what I want to do with my future so I wanted to get started as soon as possible. I feel like I’ve joined a family here at the College and this has helped make me confident that I want to progress on to the main College to continue learning.”

Julia Frackiewicz
Next step: Level 3 Health and Social Care at Hugh Baird College
Future career: Child Psychologist

“I joined the College because I didn’t feel the school environment was right for me. I knew what my career goals were and just wanted to get started on moving my future plans forward. The 14-16 College isn’t a soft touch and the staff teach you to respect others and behave properly. It’s hard work, but it’s really good fun too. I have made lots of new friends and my grades are getting better all the time. I’m also signing up to be part of the Student Committee.”

Margaret Frackiewicz
Parent of Julia Frackiewicz

“It is safe to say that my daughter hasn’t always been focussed or had the best behaviour when it came to school. However, since coming to the Hugh Baird 14-16 College, she has changed completely. The College have treated her like an adult and this has helped Julia behave in a more grown up manner. Thanks to the talks she’s had with the career advisors at school, she now knows her future lies as a Child Psychologist and she is already well on her way to achieving the first qualification for this path. The college sets high standards and the students are expected to meet these on a daily basis. I can’t thank the 14-16 College enough for the support and encouragement they have given Julia.”

Leigh-Ann Whittaker
14-16 College pathway: Visitor Economy

"I’m loving my time at the 14-16 College. I want to have a career in the Tourism Industry so I can travel the world, so the Visitor Economy pathway was the perfect choice for me. At school I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere but now I’m learning things that I’m interested in. My classmates are all really nice and our teachers treat us like grown ups, which I really like."

Lindsay Whittaker
Parent of Leigh-Ann Whittaker

"I knew Leigh-Ann wasn’t happy in school, she seemed so disinterested and whenever I used to ask her about her day, she just shrugged. Now it couldn’t be any different, she comes home and she doesn’t stop talking about it! The facilities are modern and the staff are amazing, I’m so impressed."

More parent views

Chloe has enjoyed her time in college. She has settled in brilliantly and she is trying to work harder. Chloe is less stressed here than she was in secondary school.
Chyna has grown, she is more confident and happy and made nice friends. She will now talk up if she thinks things are not right. She is happier in herself.
Sam has really enjoyed coming to the 14-16 College. He sees it as a big change to school which he hated. Sam has grown, emotionally and socially.
My daughter has enjoyed the College and her learning experience. It’s made my daughter more confident and mature. She is ready and more excited to learning more.
Katie is really enjoying being at the Hugh Baird 14-16 College. I think she feels she can approach the staff more easily here than at Holly Lodge. Her predicted exam marks are very encouraging. We think it was a very good move to come here. Katie has definitely become more confident and really loves college. She has high ambitions and is being encouraged by staff, which is great. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the 14-16 College to family and friends. Thank you for creating a thriving environment for our daughter.
Even though I knew he wasn't happy where he was, I was very sceptical when my son suggested that he should move from a mainstream school to go to the Hugh Baird 14-16 College. We are very happy we listened to him, he is much more settled in the more 'adult' environment and is thriving in all subjects. 
During her time at the College we believe she has matured at a much faster rate than if she had continued at school with her secondary education. Some of the one to one tuition has stood her in good stead and we are encouraged by her development towards her exams this Summer. We realise there were teething problems at the beginning which the college has sought to rectify and it appears that the staffing has settled down somewhat compared to where it was in the first year. Hospitality and Catering was not an option at the school she initially attended and this seems a good fix to accelerate the learning of an individual. I'm also aware that it mirrors some European countries which can only be a good thing. I believe Rebekah has and does enjoy the College environment and overall for her it has been the right educational choice.

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