Talks, Tours and Presentations

School Leavers Presentation

This presentation is great for Yr 10 and 11 and can be adapted to suit Yr 9 and support their pathway decisions. This presentation is designed to inform students about different courses, levels of learning, College life and facilities and financial support available to further education students.

If a group of young people have an interest in a certain curriculum area or career pathway, this presentation can be tailored to directly address their interest. The School Leavers Presentation can be delivered to young people of all abilities with will always contain audience-appropriate content. Take a look at our full time work related courses for school leavers.

Hugh Baird University Centre Higher Education Presentation

This presentation is ideal for Sixth Form students considering their options for Higher Education. It offers students an insight into what courses we offer and how they are delivered. It will also inform students of the finance options available to them and the cost of studying for a BA Hons or Foundation degree at the Hugh Baird University Centre. Find out more about the courses on offer at the Hugh Baird University Centre.

Application Clinics

Sometimes there just are not enough hours in the day and trying to get students to complete college applications can end up being just another job on a long to-do list. If you would like our help we offer application clinics for individuals or groups of students. These clinics allow students to complete their applications with guidance and support. You may choose to hold one during form time or PSHE, or students may be allocated time slots to work with our School Liaison Co-ordinator on a one-to-one basis. View our online application service.

‘Bigger Picture’ Tour

The Bigger Picture tours are absolutely perfect for pupils who are still undecided about which subject they would like to study in College. Your pupils will be taken on a tour of the whole College, taking in a wide variety of workshops, studios and other facilities. This is a great way to see the bigger picture and to help young people narrow down their options.

‘Picture Me Here’ Tour

Some pupils know exactly what they want to do; the ‘Picture Me Here’ tours are designed to support them as they move towards progressing to College. The chance to visit the areas and meet the tutors they will work with during their chosen course can offer pupils a great boost, showing them a glimpse of their future and motivating them to achieve their goals in school.

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