Thornton College

Thornton College

What will I study?

We will help you to achieve your maximum potential, and we will take into account any learning that you have already done. We will also work with you to help you develop your life goals.

For the first six weeks that you are at Thornton College, your tutors will check to see what skills you already have. They will also find out which skills you would like, or need, to help you to live independently, get into further education or find a job.

If you have joined Thornton College from school we will also talk to your school so that we can understand what help you need. Once we have all of this information, we will plan a detailed learning programme for you. This will ensure that you can learn at a level and pace to suit your needs, abilities, interests and learning styles.

You will study a range of areas which will help you to develop your skills, and you will enjoy practical activities and projects which will help you to become as independent as possible.

You will gain qualifications relating to your achievements and interests and your progress will be recognised with a College Certificate of Progress.

Your classes will include:

  • Maths for everyday life (including managing money, time and measuring)
  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Art
  • Home management (including cooking and healthy eating)
  • Everyday living skills (including being out and about in the community)
  • Work skills (including learning routines, health and safety, IT, applying for jobs)
  • Enterprise and charity work (including work and voluntary placements)
  • Enrichment (including a choir, woodwork club, sports clubs and photography club)

What can I do when I finish at Thornton College?

You can progress on to further study at College, go into employment or supported employment or independent living.