Hugh Baird College & South Sefton College
Merger Proposal Consultation


A merger consultation has opened on a partnership between Hugh Baird College and South Sefton College and both parties are keen to hear views from local stakeholders on the proposed move to merge the colleges.

The decision of the two colleges to propose a merger is based on a strategy to offer the very best post 16 education for the South Sefton area.

Both Hugh Baird College and South Sefton College have a distinctive offer. The proposed merger keeps the two existing campuses and builds on the strengths of the two institutions to ensure the best quality provision.


The merger will ensure a broad curriculum offer for school leavers with high quality A Level and vocational provision for South Sefton. The merger will also ensure that all school leavers in South Sefton and the surrounding area can be guaranteed a place in a specialist centre on a course that is right for them and their career ambitions.

We see this as a very positive move which will create a stronger, financially resilient modern College and allow for development and investment in both existing sites.

A vision for the future

To provide outstanding Further Education in South Sefton through the merger of Hugh Baird College and South Sefton College. The Governing Bodies of Hugh Baird College and South Sefton College are proposing to merge and form an exciting new partnership. By working together we can provide a broad range of high quality post 16 education provision for South Sefton and surrounding areas. We would like your views.

The Proposal

We believe the time is right for the two colleges to merge to provide a strong local, post 16 education offer.

There has been a decline in the numbers of 16-18 students studying in Sefton, due to a continuing demographic decline and the increase in numbers of advanced level students leaving the area to study elsewhere. The merged college intends to reverse this trend and grow the numbers of 16-18 students through providing a high quality well-resourced local sixth form offer, enabling students to stay closer to home and achieve their potential and ambition.

Because South Sefton College is constituted as a 'school' rather than an further education college, the statutory process to be followed to make the merger happen is to 'discontinue' South Sefton College as a school.

If the merger did not happen then South Sefton College would not viable as a standalone institution and, since it could not be subsidised by the Local Authority, would be closed.

Following the merger, South Sefton College will continue to operate as a provider of advanced level programmes, with the opportunity to expand this provision.


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We want your views

The formal consultation will be held between 27th February and 5th April 2017.

During this period you can let us know your views on the proposed merger.

The consultation period has now ended

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