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Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is a Ministry of Defence-sponsored organisation where cadets will learn independence, leadership and team skills, and experience challenges that push them to new limits.

The Hugh Baird CCF is the only Combined Cadet Force in the country in partnership with a Further Education College.

There are CCF contingents in over 400 secondary schools all over the UK, offering young people a broad range of challenging, exciting, adventurous and educational activities. Our aim is to enable the development of personal responsibility, leadership and self-discipline. Each CCF is an educational partnership between the school and the Ministry of Defence.

While there is a focus on a military syllabus there are also many adventurous training activities on offer to the cadets throughout the year, including kayaking, canoeing, laser tag, climbing and walking.

Activities and Competitions

Upon joining the Hugh Baird CCF Contingent, cadets will follow an exciting syllabus, called the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC), which gets more challenging each year. APC training is designed to be practical, rather than classroom-based, whenever possible.

Cadets can expect to take part in many activities, including: annual camp, field days, day and night exercises, drill, leadership training, navigation, map work, orienteering, expedition training, shooting, blank firing, field craft, outdoor skills, survival skills, first aid, climbing, Duke of Edinburgh, visiting regular and reserve units, communications, observation and many other individual service based activities and competitions.

The cadets also get the chance to take part in weekend activities, including camps and courses where a huge range of activities take place. The aim is to empower cadets with responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, respect, resilience and a sense of public service.

Developing team work and leadership skills

Although CCF is happy to support cadets with service aspirations, they are never pushed towards a military career. However, CCF cadets are regularly awarded university scholarships and bursaries from the Services, and involvement in the CCF is frequently seen as a positive thing on CVs and application forms.

While some students may choose to pursue a career in the armed forces, for many students being a cadet provides an insight into the roles played by the armed forces, and gives a flavour of their values, activities and influence in changing times. Being part of the CCF helps students to develop independence, the ability to work as part of a team, and leadership skills: the training syllabuses are specifically designed with this in mind – cadets are expected, as they progress through their career within the CCF, to take a leadership role and deliver training to more junior members of the Contingent.

The whole cadet experience is therefore a very positive experience for our students, giving them the chance to develop themselves personally and professionally.


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