How to apply for a University course

We have a dedicated team of staff on hand to help guide you through the admissions process, from selecting the right course for you, to completing your UCAS application and applying for financial support.

How to apply

Follow the steps below and, if you have questions or need help at any stage, you can either call us on 0151 353 4444 or email

With so many courses to choose from, deciding on the right one can be daunting. If you’re not sure about your options, or need more information before making your decision, contact us first. We offer a range of information, advice and guidance that will help you to make the best and most informed choice possible.

Full time courses:
Once you have chosen the course you would like to apply for, you can move on to step 2.

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design - Level 3:
Anyone wishing to apply for the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design - Level 3 course should apply directly to the Hugh Baird University Centre and will not need to apply through UCAS. You can apply online via this form.

Access to Higher Education courses:
If you wish to apply for an Access to Higher Education course, you need to apply directly to us and not via UCAS. You can do so online via this form.

Part time or professional courses:
Anyone wishing to apply for the Accountancy, CMI Management and Leadership, any of our teacher training courses, or any part time course, should apply directly to the Hugh Baird University Centre and will not need to apply through UCAS. You can apply online via this form.

Applying for courses marked *Subject to Approval:
At the time of publication, we are working to approve a number of new courses. If you are interested in applying for any course marked *Subject to Approval, you will not be able to apply through UCAS until the course has been approved.

Need advice and guidance?
You can get in touch with our Careers Advisors. You can either call 0151 353 4444 or email

Students applying for full time university level courses will need to formally apply via the UCAS online application system at:

Once you register on the UCAS site, keep a note of your login and password. Your completed application is then sent from UCAS to the universities and colleges you have chosen. If you need help with the application process, come and talk to us.

Our UCAS code
To apply, you will need our institution code: H65, along with the relevant UCAS course code. You can find this on the relevant course page on this website.

UCAS deadlines
You can submit your UCAS application from the beginning of September in the year prior to entry. The normal closing date for receipt of UK and EU applications is 15th January, following which you can apply through UCAS Extra.

Application fee
UCAS charges an application fee, which for 2019 entry is £24 if you choose between two and five choices or £18 if you make only one choice on the UCAS form.

When we receive your application from UCAS, we will write to you to invite you to attend an interview. After considering your application and interview, we will contact UCAS with our decision.

UCAS have an online tracking system, called Track, which will regularly be updated throughout the application process. Keep checking this and make sure you reply to the offers you receive. You should also receive a letter from both UCAS and ourselves with confirmation of any offer made.

For more information, visit UCAS Track.

If you are accepted, UCAS will send you a letter of confirmation. If your grades are higher or lower than expected, or if you change your mind, there are other options available. Check Track and look for course vacancies on the UCAS website to find an alternative place, or come and talk to us.

You need to make sure you have everything ready, such as accommodation, finances, travel arrangements, books and equipment requireda for the course. If in doubt about any of these things, contact us for help.