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14-16 College New Student Portal

Information, advice and support for new students starting at the Hugh Baird 14-16 College.


A Message from Andy Howard, Director of 14-16 College

I want to say a short welcome to all our new students (or prospective students considering joining us). This portal will, hopefully, give you a feel for what we are about and what we believe in.

Starting your College journey early, at the age of 14, has a number of advantages, from the independence that you have as a College student, through to the exceptional advice and guidance on your next steps, moving into the wider College when you get to aged 16.

You will study the core, essential subjects, gaining qualifications in English, Maths, Science and Information Technology, alongside your vocational pathway. We will ensure that you are supported and prepared through our tutorial sessions, pastoral care and careers advice.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do what we can to support you.


Enrolment for September 2020 entry will commence from 6 July 2020 and, if you have already applied, you will be notified with the required information prior to this. If you have any queries, please email our Admissions Team on:


Watch this video which outlines the 14-16 College, our curriculum and pastoral systems, and some of the details around how we function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start dates will be communicated to you shortly.

You will receive your timetable during your first week, Induction Week.

We have a team of Teaching and Learning Assistants who work with all our students, supporting them to access their classes. We also have an outstanding Learner Support department who can provide assessments for any additional needs and help to further support you in your studies.

You will have full access to a range of opportunities for your future progression once you complete the two year programme. You will have the chance to be ‘fast-tracked’ onto a higher-level 16+ vocational course full time or perhaps start a Traineeship or Apprenticeship. Once you are 18, there will also be the option for you to study a degree or equivalent Higher Education (HE) qualification, either at the Hugh Baird University Centre or elsewhere.

No, the Government funds all college places up to the age of 19.

Yes. Hugh Baird College is a safe environment, confirmed by OFSTED in our last inspection. All staff are trained in Safeguarding and we have a team of dedicated Safeguarding Officers as well as zero tolerance on bullying.

Many local Schools allow their year 10 and 11 students out at lunchtime. We have decided to do the same as long as we have a completed permission letter from your family. We will supply these letters at the Transition days in July.

Each department has workwear that reflects the subject area and how employees in that industry dress. The pictures in the brochure and on this website give an idea of how the different outfits look.

At Hugh Baird College, everyone wears a coloured lanyard to show who they are – both staff and students. These are all different colours depending on which department you belong to. All Hugh Baird 14-16 College students will wear lanyards that are two-tone blue. It is important that you wear yours every day to gain access to the College.

Yes, if you are entitled to Free School Meals, these will continue at the Hugh Baird 14-16 College.

Yes – all students will be entitled to a breakfast of juice, porridge and toast as long as they arrive before registration at 8.45am.

If you live more than 3 miles away, we will help with providing a free bus or train pass.

The College day runs from Registration at 8:45am with classes until 3pm, Monday to Friday, and the terms and holiday dates will match those of Sefton Local Authority. However, there may be a need to attend up additional revision or enrichment classes per week until 4pm.

Yes, the College is required to monitor all students’ attendance in the same way as a school. The same rules also apply regarding holidays in term time, i.e. they are not permitted. Any absence must be reported to the 14-16 College on the same day supported by a letter from home and evidence of any medical appointments.

Watch some of our recent Facebook Live Information Sessions on important Student Services you can access

Supporting you all the way

Coming to college is big change in your life, there’s so much information to take in, and so many different things to consider.

The important thing to remember: don’t worry. We’re here to help and support you through every part of your story – from questions about courses and financial help, to advice on personal issues and future career opportunities.


If you need support/advice with your mental health or wellbeing, you can access external services via our Mental Health Support Portal.

Support Portal

Financial Support

Worries over money and finance shouldn’t stop you from coming to College. We have a number of bursaries and packages available to you.

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Careers Advice

Our team of independent Careers Advisors are fully trained to help you find the perfect career option that suits you.

Email the team

Learner Support

We have specialist tutors, modern support software and highly-trained support staff. We support every single student, regardless of their challenges.

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Need more information or have a question?

If you have any queries in relation to your application/enrolment, or the 14-16 College in general, we have staff and support services who would be happy to help.

Simply email and we can ensure your query gets to the correct member of staff.

Discover more about what awaits you!

We hope you're excited to be joining us. We're all looking forward to welcoming you to the Hugh Baird 14-16 College. To give you more of an idea of the kind of things you will be learning on your courses, tap on any of the sections below.

This vocational pathway will help you towards a career in the Construction industry which includes various trades. You will also find the course can support you in further and higher education where you could find yourself as an Apprentice Joiner.

From here you can find your way into any number of construction related employment opportunities in the Construction Industry. There are many transferable skills and knowledge you will gain while on this course and you will also find that there are excellent opportunities within the Construction Industry where some of our past students are now full time apprentices.

This pathway allows you to explore the exciting world of hair and beauty and the environment in which its industries operate.

You will look back in time exploring changing trends and developments within the hair and beauty sector, find out how science is used to create products, and understand why we create images for business use.

You will study how hair and beauty has developed from ancient times to the present day and develop hair styling, make-up and manicure technical skills to produce your own photographic image. You will explore ethics of product testing, effects of ingredients on hair and skin and how disorders of the hair and skin can impact services.

This pathway will enable you to explore different areas of the hospitality industry.

You will understand the hospitality industry within the United Kingdom, taking into consideration trends and developments.

You will understand the impact innovation and technology has on the industry, including use of social media.

You will understand how commodities are used to produce food for meal occasions and will recognise links between allergies, diets and well-being.

You will also understand food and beverage service and practice your skills in our L20 Restaurant and kitchen.

On this pathway you will learn about the maintenance of various types of transport and the job roles that are available within the sector.

You will study the following modules:

  • Health and Safety practices.
  • Foundation Skills to include basic engineering skills and fabrication methods.
  • Personal Social Development (PSD).
  • Mechanical Systems (Brakes, Engine, Transmission & Chassis).
  • Electrical Systems and operation, this will include basic Science knowledge and understanding.
  • Knowledge of Routine Vehicle maintenance/servicing.
  • Know the content of both the theory and practical driving tests.

  • Induction Task
  • Pen Portrait
Websites to visit

The pathway will provide you with the skills, experience and knowledge that will enable you to develop a career in the fire service, police, prison service or armed forces. This pathway will help you develop the personal skills and qualities that a career in the Public Services requires.

This pathway will give you an introduction to the travel and tourism industry, the components that make up the industry, impacts that affect the industry and some general travel geography both in the UK and worldwide.

The modules you will study include:

  • The UK travel industry
  • The UK tourism industry
  • Customer service in travel and tourism
  • Locational geography
  • Planning for and taking part in a visit
  • Providing information on a tourist destination
  • The role of overseas resort representatives
  • Worldwide travel and tourism destinations
  • UK travel and tourism destinations
  • Travel and tourism itineraries 3
  • Recommending holidays to suit customers’ needs
  • Accessible travel and tourism
English Language

You will study the following topics:

  • Creating credible stories and exciting descriptive writing
  • Writing to persuade, inform and entertain in reviews, articles, speeches
  • Shaping information into effectively organized leaflets, letters and reports; understanding and using language techniques
  • Reading to discover different levels of meaning (explicit, implicit);
  • Strategies to show reading responses (PE, PETE, PEE)
  • Extending vocabulary
  • Improving technical accuracy
  • Increasing sentence variety

  • Task
  • Script
English Literature

You will:

  • Read a wide range of classic literature fluently and with good understanding, and make connections across their reading
  • Read in depth, critically and evaluatively, so that they are able to discuss and explain their understanding and ideas
  • Develop the habit of reading widely and often
  • Appreciate the depth and power of the English literary heritage
  • Write accurately, effectively and analytically about their reading, using StandardEnglish
  • Acquire and use a wide vocabulary, including the grammatical terminology and
  • other literary

  • Introduction

On this course, you will gain knowledge in a number of key areas in the media field, from pre-production skills to the creation of interactive multimedia products, and offers a hands-on approach to learning.

All aspects of GCSE Maths will be covered with the option to do Higher GCSE for those students working at grade 4 or above. The six main areas we cover are:

  • Number
  • Shape, Space and Measure
  • Algebra
  • Probability
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Data Handling

The Achieve programme will help you develop the skills and confidence needed to engage and succeed in education, so you can reach your full potential.

On the Achieve programme, you will access a varied curriculum of engaging, relevant activities as well as enrichment opportunities and the option to work towards a qualification in Personal Development and Employability Skills, which is recognised by all UK regulatory authorities.

The programme is completely flexible so your school or college might choose to run it over a few months or a few years but either way you'll have the chance to try lots of new things such as:

  • Delivering a community project and making a real difference in your local area
  • Learning all sorts of new skills to help with meeting new people and building your confidence
  • Taking on a business challenge to put your entrepreneurial skills to the test
  • Improving your knowledge and ability to look after yourself and live a healthy life
  • Top tips to help you write the perfect CV and get ahead in your career

All of the things you do through the Achieve programme will count towards a recognised Prince's Trust qualification that you can put on your CV or UCAS form.

During the next two years, you will learn about:

  • States of Matter
  • Atomic structure
  • Cells in plants and animals
  • Waves
  • The periodic table
  • Chemical quantities
  • Forces and energy changes
  • Systems in the human body
  • Plants and photosynthesis
  • Forces and energy changes
  • Structure and bonding
  • Magnetism and electromagnetism
  • Forces and motion
  • Lifestyle and health
  • Radiation and risk
  • Preventing, treating and curing diseases
  • Electricity
  • Acids and alkalis

  • Activities

Microsoft Office Specialist will give you the ability to command the full features and functionality of Microsoft Office, preparing you for future academic or workforce opportunities. Microsoft certification gives you the power to chart your own course, fulfill your ambition, and realise your potential.

The Microsoft Office Specialist Program provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge through new project-based testing, giving you real-world exercises to appraise your understanding of Microsoft Office.

These exams include multiple, small projects within Microsoft Office. You will be tested on one project at a time. These small projects will test your skills as they would in the real world and validate your understanding of the Microsoft Office program functionality.

There are five Microsoft Office Specialist certifications available:

  • Microsoft Word 2016 - Core Document Creation, Collaboration and Communication
  • Microsoft Excel 2016: Core Data Analysis, Manipulation, and Presentation
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016: Core Communication, Collaboration and Email Skills
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: Core Presentation Design and Delivery Skills
  • Microsoft Access 2016: Core Database Management, Manipulation, and Query Skills

  • Health and Safety
  • Activities

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Social Distancing Measures

Your safety is our absolute top priority, and, for the forseeable future, we have implemented various social distancing and safety measures on campus to keep everyone safe. Andy Howard, Director of 14-16 College, guides you through the measures:

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