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Results - Latest Information

We know that that things have been very different this year with regard to how and when you may have received your results. So if you have any questions about this process, please see below for some further guidance on next your next steps.

I am unhappy with the grade I achieved for my A level or GCSE. Can I appeal?

The grounds for appeal are very narrow. Due to recent changes, the grade you were awarded was based on a Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) produced by the College and in most instances it is not possible to appeal this grade. This document explains the appeal process in more detail.

How was my Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) obtained?

During the spring, your staff produced a Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) for each subject that you were studying and these were sent to the examination board. The CAGs were produced after analysing evidence such as:

  • mock examination results;
  • grades obtained from earlier units;
  • review grades issued earlier in the year;
  • estimated grades;
  • work completed in class.

In many subject areas, your CAG was also placed in rank order with all other students at the College who were studying the same qualification.

Each CAG and ranking were then checked by a number of managers at the College for quality assurance purposes before being sent away to the examination board.

Please note that the process outlined above has meant that your CAG was not produced solely by your teachers but has involved many staff at the College and we believe that we were able to assess grades with a high degree of accuracy, using information from the staff who know you well. As a College we believe that the CAGs you will be issued with are an accurate and fair reflection of how you would have been expected to perform had you been able to fully complete your course.

I have not received my results yet. Why is this?

Some vocational and technical results were delayed and most, including BTECs, will be published by Friday 28th August.

A small number of additional students may not have received results as the relevant awarding body asked for students to do further work over the summer to enable a qualification to be gained. If you have done this work, then you should have received your results but is it possible that your result may be issued a little later. If you have not yet completed the work that the awarding body has asked, then you will not receive your result and you should liaise with college staff who will arrange for you to complete any outstanding work that is needed.

If you have not yet received your results and are unsure why this is then please make contact with your staff at College.

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